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    Synesthasia and Music 
    Hi all!

    I saw a few old threads mentioning synesthesia but they're years old so I figured I'd make a thread where people can post songs that stimulate their synesthesia!

    For people who have synesthesia, how does it influence the music you listen to? For those who don't, what do you think when you hear about people who do? My friends normally give me crazy looks and I have to tell them I'm not on anything all the time haha.

    I'll post this song that has a very empty, dark room type of song.
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    I think about why they might have it and if there is a remedy when I hear about it.

    First time I heard about it not being induced by the main culprits DMT & LSD to be honest. I am sure a host of other drugs can induce it, perhaps plants can too.

    Sounds like yours is not drug induced.
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    I developed it before ever taking any substance but if I do take something, it can definitely enhance it. For me, in addition to the ones you mentioned, weed can also do it as well as dxm. A couple of my friends actually began to develop it after I introduced them to some acid but I agree, in my life, I haven't come across another who didn't first take drugs.
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