Thread: The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere just hit its highest level in 800,000 years

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    Well I think the US desert is a good place to store it too. I think if nuclear power is to be used across the world instead of coal, it will need to be organized internationally without a "yours and mine" sort of mentality, because some countries, such as Japan, have no safe places to put it.
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    There are lots of places on earth that are geologically stable, and have never had significant human populations and likely never will. There are ways we can mark such places for future civilizations too. Overall the risks are very low. Especially when compared to the risks of just continuing to burn fossil fuels. Obviously an ideal solution would be to just shift immediately to clean limitless energy, but it doesn't exist. We have clean energy, but it's almost all of the type where the more energy you need the more physical space you have to use. It can be unmanageable.

    The best choice we have would be to use a mix of technologies. Wind and solar (especially solar) where appropriate. And nuclear fission to make up the difference. Perhaps other technologies I'm not thinking of or don't know of too.

    In reality, no doubt countries like Australia who have huge quantities of land perfect for disposing of waste will sell the use of that space to other countries. In fact I'm pretty sure that's already the practice with other problems with waste right now. You get money or something else you need, they get to dispose of the waste, and then they don't have to dispose of it in a much worse place. Everybody wins.
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