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    I am an addict first and foremost, a husband, father and Health Care Professional. I have been an addict of many different substances over the years and managed to kick a few habits. I have most recently sprinted head first down the road towards heroin addiction and IV drug use. Thanks to a person whom introduced my wife and I both to this world and has since run from our lives and left us cleaning up a mess as we try to kick yet another habit and pick up our pieces of the broken lives that we have before us...

    I digress, while he did introduce us, I do not blame him for my struggles or my wife's... nor do I blame him for our choices... I was pointed in the direction anyway, he just shown light on the proper path to get to the end of the road. After several OD's and asking myself several times WTF did I do to deserve yet another chance at life...? Let alone anything else, my wife and I are now back together, working things out and moving towards re-obtaining custody of our children and fighting with addiction and sobriety daily... She is clean and sober, I am a work in progress still, working on sobriety, recovery, and trying to maintain everything else that needs to be taken care of... I am struggling daily, but I am fighting though this fight... even if this one is the one that takes me to the other side, I will see it through to the end.

    I am not a religious person, but I am a believer in karma, retribution, destiny, and being here for a reason. I believe in soulmates and I believe we are all put on this earth for a purpose to be divined along our paths to the afterlife. I am finally beginning to awaken to my purpose and I believe that I am here to help guide and assist others in their struggles with psychological and addiction issues. I have found peace in the addiction and and suicide support work that I have done and I am working on a degree in psychology. I finally believe I have found my calling in life and I am here to try to assist in anyway I can.

    I have been down the road to recovery with alcohol, benzos, meth, cocaine, heroin, MDMA and a few others over my tenure as an addict... I have been through the DT's, withdraw, mental hospitals, ER visits, and over a dozen OD's in my life... I am still here and still trying to figure out what makes me so special when I have had many friends do the same things and not come back over those years... and now I am trying to make it my life's goal to help others not go down the roads I have traveled so far down to only hit the end and come back again and again......
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    Hey man, great intro - welcome to Bluelight from all of us here

    Sounds like you've been through a lot!! How are you doing now? Are you fully sober or still struggling with things?

    All the best,
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