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    Newbie here 
    Hey guys I'm excited to join I heard this was a great place to get unbiased answers to questions I wouldn't be able to comfortably ask people in my circle.
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    Hey Scott! Yes this is the best place to ask questions without the fear of being judged, but take in consideration that even here we have some rules, but they are written in order to keep us safe and good so ask anything you like and eventually read the guidlines of that subforum to find out if your question is allowed or not. What kind of questions would you like to ask? maybe I can suggest some subforums to you
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    Thx man I actually had a question about a urine test I have coming up and just found out I can't ask it......maybe my Subutex question will get answered though are you by any chance familiar with it?
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    Hello, you are right drug test questions are not allowed on bluelight,I'm so glad that you find it out by reading instead of posting and getting a closed thread Well I have no experience with subutex as I did cold turkey or at the rehab with lots of antidepressants psyhotics and such but I would suggest this subforums in particular: Other Drugs (here you can find threads about opiates,amphetamines,benzos and such) , The Dark Side (here you have people holding recovery journals, taperings all kind of stuff really so you would find a subutex answer for sure here if you want something related to quitting opiates) and Sober Living (kinda similar to the Dark Side) really just lurk the forums for the answers and if you are not finding one you can start a new thread but please read the rules of the subforums first.
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