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    Girl. No parka, but I legit have on sweats complete with a hat and tub socks! lol! How funny- I am 5'4 and 110lbs as well. Probably less here lately though because I cannot eat a complete meal to save my life. I pretty much live on protein shakes, and not even homemade ones because I don't even feel like prepping or cleaning up after them lol. I woke up today with a cold. I felt it coming on, but I underestimated how bad they feel in the past because, even if you know you're sick when you have your meds it really doesn't ever get terrible. At least for me. I could still power through whatever. But today...I stayed in bed ALL day. I found a series on Netflix that i've never seen...fell in love...and watched 2 complete seasons. It's kindof ridiculous, but I feel like this is what normal sick people do so whatever. I am trying to enjoy little things. Like a fancy coffee. Or a really hot vampire/wolf hybrid on a make believe TV show.
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    No Parka 

    No it's not ridiculous at all. Sounds like a nice normal day, whatever the fuck that means.... I'm still on my way there. ; )

    Something to strive for, it sounds really great actually. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working for you.

    So funny you mentioning protein shakes, I was just mentioning over on my thread about how that's what I'M subsisting on lately. No shit of a lie. Me TPD and Dale(socal424) have been telling each other how we make ours. Bahaha. Kind of awesome actually.

    Good people on this site I'm glad I found it. You're one of them.

    Hope you feel better soon, happy to hear you haven't resorted to winter wear. Lol!!

    Good job woman,
    here for you anytime,
    your friend,
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    The "cold" is my most dreaded wd symptom. I think I get off pretty easy in my wds because I don't suffer from RLS or nausea or any of that, but that always cold feeling makes me want to lose my mind. Not to mention, I work in an office that bumps the ac all summer (I live in the south) and even my warmest sweater can't keep me from shivering. Cigarette breaks are my only relief during the work day bc I can warm up.

    Some days I'll decide "fuck it, I'm gonna score tonight" and then completely change my mind once I leave work and get into a car where I can control the climate because I will then feel fine. It's that powerful of a symptom for me.

    Any advice on how to get body temp regulated besides wearing shit loads of clothes in june?
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    LadyH- SAME. I hate this cold feeling because it's always my first symptom withdrawal is coming. I get goosebumps and cannot get warm to save my life. I probably do the same as everyone else- I have layers of clothes, a heating pad that I literally lay on top of with my bare back or legs, this rice sock thing I heat in my microwave, hot coffee or chocolate, sitting in the sun and baking myself, or boiling myself in the bathtub. If I have to go somewhere, I do take Lopermide (like 10mg) because I don't want to deal with unexpected stomach gurgling (so sorry, but it's the truth lol) I notice that I don't have the goosebumps and chills as bad. It could be totally in my head, but i'm fine with that because it does seem to make me feel better either way. I also get zero nausea or RLS. It's mostly my body feeling 1,000lbs, muscle aching, extreme cold feeling, and severe mood swings/crying fits.
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    Hi CEB,

    How was your day? I hope you're not still in Siberia needing your winter clothes??? ; )

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    Found a hidden Percocet. Immediately took it with no second EXTREMELY sick. I felt sick, dizzy, then vomited everywhere and then spent the rest of the day in bed feeling foggy and sick to my stomach. Yay!
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    PERFECT CEB. Just as it should be. ; ) I really believe the slip ups and the struggles and all the shit involved in the quit are just part of the journey. Part of recovery. You're moving forward and you have a great attitude and I KNOW one day you will look back on all of this and say I DID IT!!!!

    Here for always CEB,
    your friend Ashley.

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    Found a hidden Percocet. Immediately took it with no second EXTREMELY sick. I felt sick, dizzy, then vomited everywhere and then spent the rest of the day in bed feeling foggy and sick to my stomach. Yay!
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