Thread: 10g phenibut daily/3bottles of wine everyday

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    10g phenibut daily/3bottles of wine everyday 
    I?ve done this daily for a month. What?s withdrawal going to be like? Or will I be ok completely stopping ?
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    What is your history like?

    Possibly, but if you do might be safer to check into a detox, especially if you have history of seizure or prior drug use/abuse.

    Just recently had a seizure myself after about a month long binge on alprazolam and oxycodone. really didn't think seizure would be a risk because I've gone on way heavier and longer binges, but I'm told it has something to do with a phenomenon called kindling.
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    It?s hard to just check into a detox?
    My history isn?t great. Been addicted to ghb.
    I kind of replaced ghb with phenibut

    Wouldn?t I be wasting hospitals time ??

    Sorry to hear about your seizure dude.
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