Thread: Bluelight.RU ??? WTF?

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    Bluelight.RU ??? WTF? 
    i've been trying to send my activation email and every time I click the 'Resend...' link I get redirected to blah....

    The page never loads and eventually times out with a 500 internal server error, however if I change the .ru to a .org and try again, it then takes me to what looks like the legitimate page. But when I enter my email and click submit, the email never arrives....

    I'm quite IT savvy but I'm confused.
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    Bluelight did used to be, but it got changed to org a while back. Most likely the links just out of date. Not sure why changing it to org isn't working. Someone will hopefully be along to help soon. But that's why it's broken, it must not have been updated since the domain name was changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by colours? View Post
    i've been trying to send my activation email...
    you're already activated.

    in any case, which link are you using? can you post a link to the page the link is on and the text of the link. the url and a screenshot would be even better.


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