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    User wants to gain weight 
    So I have a question. Daily user of meth and heroin wants to know if there is anyway or any diet i could do that would help me gain weight. Or supplements too.
    Always had high metabolism and the substances I intake obviously don't help that. Maybe there isn't any way to gain weight but thought I would ask.
    Even when sober I have to eat 3 large meals a day just to maintain a good weight. I'm younger, 34, and I eat decent right with no junk food, minimal sweets.
    So just wondering if anyone has had some experience with this and found something that worked. Thanks. Hope everyone is having a great day or night.
    Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this.
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    I don't recommend this a lot because of the kinds of shitty ingredients in them, but high calorie meal replacement shakes like Boost and Ensure can really help, if you can tolerate them. Eating a higher fat diet also helps, especially saturated fat. Back when I could consume higher fat meals, I found the best thing for weight gain was lard, organic grassfed butter, and bacon fat. I would save the bacon fat from cooking and drip it into everything. Eggs too and you'll want to include other kinds of fat, like olive oil, flax, fish oils, etc. Of course, exercise helps build muscle mass, but if you're heavy into the heroin and meth then the tissue atrophy is going to be very real.

    I've always been thin and wiry, and back before my digestion got destroyed, I found that a higher fat lifestyle was what helped me the most. Mind you, you must get adequate protein. I always started my days with a higher protein meal, to balance blood sugar. Then it was primarily fats from then on. Yes I still ate carbs but if I ate an only-carb meal I would be hungry again in an hour so there was no point. The only carbs I eat to this day are starchy carbs from root vegetables, like carrot, potato, yam. Simple carbs are a waste of time and money as they get burned in 2 seconds and then I have low blood sugar.

    Protein and fat!
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    High protein diet, I ate a ton of protein when I was on meth, I'm 5'10 and the smallest i got was a lean 186lbs, whereas coke and shitty diet had me at 167 for a bit.
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    Ya I've been eating eggs and toast with butter and that seems to help. Thank you for the input
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    Quote Originally Posted by legalizeall View Post
    Ya I've been eating eggs and toast with butter and that seems to help. Thank you for the input
    Same here! eggs and some easy breakfest help alot)
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