Thread: intravenous b12 injections for a recovering addict?

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    intravenous b12 injections for a recovering addict? 
    TLDR: if you're not interested in the whole story, basically I just want to know if I can inject b12 into my veins, and if so, how do I go about doing that lol

    so, I'm a recovering heroin addict. been through rehab and I'm clean and sober now since oct. 2017.

    I also have been diagnosed with auto immune, and I have to take a *shit ton* of vitamins and supplements four times a day.

    the amount of pills I have to carry around won't even fit in the largest pill container I have, and I have to carry two.

    I've heard about people getting IV lines at home for its health benefits, for dehydration, and for a little boost of vitamins.

    ironically, I'm also a certified phlebotomist (I stick people with needles and get paid for it lmao). after I got sober I was looking for a job and I'm like wtf am I good at?

    so yeah, I definitely know how to safely be using needles, and am experienced with doing it on myself (and others) countless times.

    it would be far less trouble if I could just condense down all my vitamins and supplements into three or four shots I take through out the day. (or at least some of them)

    but I will start with asking about b12 since that's the most commonly injected vitamin out there.

    I just wanted to know, *can* I inject this intravenously?

    and if so, how.

    my research online is telling me that it's *commonly* done with an IV drip or intramuscular, and that intramuscular is better for absorption reasons.

    but, if I could shoot it into my vein that would be much easier to me, and there is research about recovering IV drug users doing this (shooting saline solution) and it's proven helpful for them supposedly.

    *disclaimer: please don't advise me against doing anything IV, I'm aware of all the risks involved*
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    Yes you can do it IV, I just don't understand why you'd go through the trouble when IM is so much easier and it gets delivered right to the muscle. With IV it will pass through the kidneys immediately and you'll lose some in the urine, whereas with IM it diffuses more slowly through muscle tissue. So I strongly recommend IM in this case, and for all the other water soluble vitamins as well.

    Just make sure it's methylcobalamine. Cyanocobalamine is pretty much useless. The body uses less than 5% of it in most cases. Hydroxycobalamine is an OK compromise I guess, but methyl is still the best.
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