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    Moshing in Electronic Music 
    Yay or nay?

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    I don't wanna do hate but trap/dubstep/drum-n-bass and other childish genres are not electronic music, maybe other consider it like this, I do not consider it electronic even if it has some influences, this it's music with no life.
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    You're entitled to your opinion, but how is it not electronic music? Just wondering.
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    I understand the sentiment, shadybraindamage. It's hard to see how big trap/brostep is and realize that you'll never be able to get away with just saying you like electronic music, because the stuff people will think of is shit. And, it's definitely electronic music.
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    So I'm guessing that's 2 nays? lol Idk... I kind of like the energy of some of it, maybe because I'm a metalhead.
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