Thread: Testing DarkNet Pills for accuracy using home urine test?

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    Testing DarkNet Pills for accuracy using home urine test? 
    Hi, I received some stuff (adderall) from a friend of a friend that was purchased on the DNMP. I usually run out about a week prior to my refill. Thing is with these pills is that they look very real, I would have to say that they would pass any day as real adderall in my book simply due to the way that they look. For me, it is very easy to spot a home pressed pill. These however do not by any means look to be pressed. They are "E 404", 30 mg tabs, and orange in color. I was very excited when i got them. However I tried them fairly quickly afterwards and honestly, I felt not a thing. To me this only means one thing...............FAKE PILLS!&nbsp; I then waited a while and said "the hell with it and i took 2 pills. Let's say that I am fairly certain that they are definitely fake, since I passed out for 14 hours about maybe 2 or 3 hours after ingestion.&nbsp;<br><br>Now to the question. I have purchased a "First Check" home urine test that cost me $42. I don't care about what it cost, but what i bought it for was to see if there is a way to test these pills. Can i take a pill, crush it and mix it with either just water or use urine? I want to stay away from urine because i took some desoxyn on Sunday and I know that will show on the test. I am also taking modafinil currently and not sure how that shows, but i only want to test the particular Adderall that I got, the E 404 tabs. Can anyone suggest to me how to go about this? Thanks in advance.
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    It depends on what the test is designed to pick up. It is entirely possible that it would be looking for the amphetamine molecule itself, in which case dissolving a pill in hot water, cooling it and then testing will tell you if there is any present. You can also get much less expensive strips from online retailers.
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    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!
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