Thread: Why was my Ketamine thread closed?

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    Why was my Ketamine thread closed? 

    Im just going to copy and paste because I don't feel like re wording what I already wrote but:

    Why was this thread allowed to go this many pages without a mod deleting it, but my thread on extracting Ketamine from prescribed nasal spray was closed twice? So extracting deadly opioids from prescribed drugs not in accordance with its intended purpose is alright, but me using K for my depression is "abusing medication."

    Seriously. Please explain the logic behind that.
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    That fent thread was from the early days of OD, it is not in line with our HR focus, just as your ketamine thread wasn't. It just slipped through the cracks, now it will rest in the archive. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, it has been dealt with.

    I'm sorry you don't agree with the other mod's decision to close your threads, but it isn't appropriate for bluelight's mission.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mp44god View Post

    Seriously. Please explain the logic behind that. [/COLOR]
    it's not always about 'logic' - our staff are all unpaid volunteers who have other responsibilities in life - so if one thread gets left open for much longer than another thread, it may be a matter of oversight or human error - not a deliberate reflection on one thread's worthiness over another.

    if a mod closes your thread and you're not happy with the reason why, it's best to send them a private message seeking clarification - or if you'd like to appeal it, you can discuss the matter with a senior moderator who can look into it for you.
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