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    What did I do? 
    So. 11 years ago I tried ecstasy. I did it probably 5 times. I hadn't done it or anything else in 9 years, until recently. The last 4 times I did any, it was a flop, ranging from no effect to subtle, almost undetectable waves of... not much. For clarity, I was 17/18 when I first tried it, and I'm 29 now.
    So here's my confusion:
    Ecstasy, each time I did it way back, was an intense, amazing, highly energetic, HIGHLY VISUAL experience for me. My favorite part of the experience was the lights and colors and tracers and even mild hallucinations that could be blinked away in a moment's notice. No getting stuck in a hallucination like LSD does (so I've heard). My pupils were always HUGE. Another factor here is that I could be jumping up and down rolling hard as ever and then in an instant, my feet would hit the floor, and I would be stone cold sober. Happened more than once.
    So... here recently I've done pure MDMA/molly and I've done ecstasy. It's not the same and my pupils are unaffected. A little googling reveals that pupils the size of dinner plates are from COCAINE. Wow... k... does the rest of what I said sound like cocaine? Could I have been swallowing enough coke in a little ex pill to have me like that for hours? Is the ex here just bad? Should molly dilate my pupils? Just looking to roll like I used to, but I'm getting discouraged.

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    Do you test your pills before rolling?
    Its the only way to be sure that what you have is Molly.....

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    Nope. Mostly wondering if my experience sounds like it could have been from dropping mostly cocaine. Molly was intense, but not the same as that x from the old days.

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    The only way to know for sure would be testing your drugs. All we can do is guess. Try visiting our MDMA section for info on test kits.

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