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    SESTA and Bluelight 
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    With SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Trafficers Act) was recently passed, and the way I understand it, a feature of the bill is it makes the owners of a website liable for the misuse of the website by its users. For example, Craigslist took down its personals section, as Craigslist could be held criminally liable for any sex trafficking (or other illegal activity) on their website.

    Im wondering where bluelight fits into this? Obviously the site user agreement is pretty clear and nothing illegal happens on here, but user slip ups gone unnoticed could be a huge liability. Is there any new considerations bluelight is taking in light of this bill, and is bluelight safe?

    I'm on here daily, and idk what I'd do without bluelight.
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    There are absolutely no personals on Bluelight and people are dissuaded from exchanging personal information.

    If they do so in a post, they are infracted and possibly banned.
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    we don't allow personals and we're zero-tolerance on sourcing and supply so i think we're fine.

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    The thought of sex trafficing makes me sick. Its so sad and makes me furious! Man if i found someone sex trafficking......... Anyway, i mean the OWNER kidnaps women and trades them off or whatever they do. I dont get people. I did some bad things but exploiting a woman for sex erks me.
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