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    So theres this guy i have been talking to for a little while and things are going great. We get along so well and i really think im falling for him. But the situation is not simple..he is currently going through a divorce (we started talking after this happened) but they still live together. He says that he doesn't have feelings for her like he does for me, but they are still close friends. I have been burned before and I'm just nervous that them remaining close will rekindle any flame that has "burned out". I can't help but feeling like I need to abandon ship before my feelings get any stronger. I don't want to get hurt again.

    Thanks for letting me share. I just don't have anyone that I can tell about the situation.
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    He is going through a divorce and still living with his wife with whom he is close friends with. There is nothing wrong with being friends with your ex but it doesn't to me appear like they are officially exes yet. I would hesitate to get involved with a man in this situation. It would be different if he had his own place and living separately. Just my opinion.

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    I agree I would be hesitant to start an intimate relationship with someone who is in the middle of a divorce but still living with the person they are supposedly leaving. Especially with him admitting that they are still close friends and all...I don't know about that. Follow your intuition in situations like this and you will almost never go wrong. If it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. Tell him exactly how you are feeling and let him know that as soon as the divorce is finalized and he is out of the house that you would be willing to give the relationship a fair chance if that is how you feel.
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    I'm currently in the midst of a divorce. Everyone is different, so I can't speak for your friend. But I can say that a divorce is a huge upheaval under almost any circumstances. I don't think there's anything wrong with you hoping for a good outcome on this. But in the interest of self-preservation, maybe you can try to keep your guard up a bit, emotionally speaking, at least until he gets some distance on his marriage? It's really likely that there's going to be a lot of see-sawing in his overall availability...that's no reflection on you, just a likely result of the situation you're kind of caught up in. Watch out for yourself, is my best advice.
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