Thread: Blacklight on Meth. What does this mean?

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    OK. Thank you so much for all that information I think I finally understand fully on how to do this. I bought the acetone now just waiting for it to arrive. I usually let the dope sit out on my dresser with a baseball cap over it. How long would you say it would take to be left out for it to fully dry? Yeah I think I'll skip the crystals
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    So my acetone arrived and I did the wash. To my surprise I didn't lose much at all. I crushed up about 2 decent sized lines worth onto a glass plate. Poured cold acetone over it as you suggested. Swished it around a little bit for about 30 seconds. Then poured it into a coffee filter. Not all of it came off the glass plate though so I'm wondering if I didn't put enough acetone in but all in all it came back much cleaner and shines consistently under the blacklight now. I was expecting to lose a lot more product than I did. Hopefully I did it correctly. I'm gonna wait to use it until enough times passed for the acetone to evaporate.
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