Thread: Blacklight on Meth. What does this mean?

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    OK. Thank you so much for all that information I think I finally understand fully on how to do this. I bought the acetone now just waiting for it to arrive. I usually let the dope sit out on my dresser with a baseball cap over it. How long would you say it would take to be left out for it to fully dry? Yeah I think I'll skip the crystals
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    So my acetone arrived and I did the wash. To my surprise I didn't lose much at all. I crushed up about 2 decent sized lines worth onto a glass plate. Poured cold acetone over it as you suggested. Swished it around a little bit for about 30 seconds. Then poured it into a coffee filter. Not all of it came off the glass plate though so I'm wondering if I didn't put enough acetone in but all in all it came back much cleaner and shines consistently under the blacklight now. I was expecting to lose a lot more product than I did. Hopefully I did it correctly. I'm gonna wait to use it until enough times passed for the acetone to evaporate.
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    Acetone wash will only separate your meth HCl(slightly soluble in acetone) from stuff that's very soluble. The cut you and everyone has been getting is structurally similar to meth HCl, so just a plain old wash of crushed up powder won't do much. Marquis? Ha what a joke. Look at a comprehensive list of all the drugs and RCs that test identically to meth with Marquis. Even a set of reagents. BUT, there is something very very promising happening with the blacklight situation. It can allow for the possibility of TLC quantitative analysis. AND column chromatography separation.

    I won't get into the rigorous procedures I've gone through to bring suspected meth to analytical grade, but when done so, it absolutely glows GREEN under a decent black light lamp. But ONLY if melted in a glass tube/pipe. Still trying to figure out how to DIY/OTC a way to use this for actual analysis described above.
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    I've noticed the green color alot when shining it at the Meth inside a pipe after being melted down and smoked a little bit. But I believe brown or even a light brown will glow green under blacklight. And when u smoke Meth it turns brown over time so IDK what to think about that.
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