Thread: How To Build A Kitty Rocket Tower Cat Tree

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    How To Build A Kitty Rocket Tower Cat Tree 
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    When I was at school we had a class called craft, design and technology, and this forum says "technology", so I think this is appropriate for here

    I've decided I'm going to build one of these things for my Aunt's 4 cats to play around in this summer

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    Cool and funny. Thanks for sharing. I don't have a cat, and will never, but nevertheless.

    Maybe I'm just high.
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    Thanks For It 
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    Ya'll may find this ridiculous... but I am a feral colony "caretaker". Yep - paperwork and all. lol
    This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for as ATM I am creating a crude obstacle course from used tires...
    All the cats are being TNR-ed and what kittens there are I am adopting out to good homes.
    Didn't look to have this extra responsibility but shit happens and most times for a reason.
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