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    Aggression on xanax 
    Hi this is my first post guys I'm 17 years old and I am addicted to codeine currently taking 20 of the 30 mg tablets once of a morning and then again at night. Anyway I took about 3 mgs of xanax yesterday and blacked out apparently I smashed my room up and took 64 paracetamol whilst I was in black out an ambulance was called and I was told I was bluelighted to hospital where they put me to sleep and breathed for me. I realize it was stupid to take that dose first time. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar reaction to this ie aggression or blackouts? Any advice or experience would be appreciated

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    i?m going to close this thread as i fear you are not serious and if you are then i will ask you to reword and repost.

    if the ?blue lighted to hospital? didn?t close your thread for you, the 64 paracetamol deleted your own thread and your casual mention of it banned your account.


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