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    epival advice 
    could someone help me out? i would love advice from someone who has been using divalproex sodium as a mood stabilizer for 10+ years. i am concerned about the effects on my brain over time, and someone who has actually experienced it over time, will know more than some guy who read about it.
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    Ive only been on it for a few months but i have absolutely zero negative effects. If your not stable I would recommend. I actually take lithium and valproic acid and get zero side effects from both. Its massive difference from when they used atypical antipsychotics where i was nodding off all day unable to stay awake.
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    I was on Depakote some years ago. It was prescribed to me for migraines and to mood stabilize. It did help the migraines, didn't do much to stabilize moods, caused me to gain weight. That was my experience of it.
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