Thread: Totally forgot my email/password

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    Totally forgot my email/password 
    Hello, i'm the user "Burnergod", i really don't remember my data so password is incorrect and when I try to recover login info it says email wrong, so I don't know how to acces from that account anymore.

    What I ask you, if some admin can send me a private message with my email used on that account, I know I can be a random person trying to steal an account (which obviously im not, I hardly doubt people steal accounts here I mean there is no money involved or whatever), but well if you send me my email like this

    mister******[email protected]

    So I can be the only one knowing whats inside the *, should be enough to verify me and for you to trust me as the legitimate owner of the account.

    I created this account but I rather use my old one, so tell me if this is possible, thanks a lot!

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    sorry burner, not much we can do if you can’t log into your original account and/or don’t have access to the email associated with it.
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    Alright thanks anyways! Greetings
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    Done! Thanks you soo much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by burnergod View Post
    Done! Thanks you soo much!
    Glad you got it back Now I hope to see you join in the other forums and get chatting to us all
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