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    Vivitrol shot, feeling suicidal 
    Hey, so I've been here before but it was before I started using. Forgot the email I even used and only posted once or twice.

    Anyway I believe this is in the correct forum. I just got out of a 2 month stint in the county jail and as a rule of my probation I now have to be on the vivitrol shot. I personally never wanted to be on it- I just was forced. My P.O informed me it's the shot or revokation. I obviously went for the shot. Thing is I'm going crazy here. Whole time in jail I was happy. Now the day I get got out I dig out a syringe and tie just to shoot water for who knows the fuck why.

    My boyfriend is a crack user and doesn't want me taking benzos which all that keep me sane really. I'm a loss right now. Feeling pretty suicidal and saying fuck this waiting for the shot to wear off, getting a bag, and ending it all. I'm sorry to sound so negative but I just can't cope without drugs. I've done so much therapy, counseling, etc. I'd rather be dead than go without even a fucking drink!

    Anyone have any advice? (edited) I can't cope no matter how much counseling I have.
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    That's rough honey and forced sobriety rarely works. Were you diagnosed before they put you in jail? I agree counselors can only do so much but the thing is, you have it in your mind you need something/anything just to be high. That constant thought is going to get you in trouble again. I'm going to move this over to Mental Health for you.
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