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    Second time Adderall user 
    The past 2 nights I've taken adderall. Ive only smoked weed, edibles and abused carispodrol for a while, but im pretty young and I want to explore more drugs. I bought adderall off a friend. Two 36mg and two 54mg. On Friday night I took one of the 36mg and waited for hours to only feel nothing. My friend told me to pop another 36 in and this was at 1:30 am. 10 minutes after taking the second one I immediately had a mental breakdown all night. My moods were swinging back and forth from being good to feeling like shit. I felt different but not that different. I didnt sleep at all. It felt like the addy didnt go away as my heart rate raced, headaches and even suppressed appetite. It didnt go away until around 10pm yesterday. My friend told me i should've felt euphoric and just to pop both 54mgs later that night. Last nights experience was ig i could say better than Fridays. I only cried for 30 minutes and felt shitty for only 2 hours. The rest of the night my heart raced and my head ached, but i was extremely horny and watched porn for 4 hours instead of doing hw. It was like I couldn't focus on anything but porn and I usually don't watch it for more than 10 since masturbation gets boring for me because im a girl. It was odd but i was opposed to it. Its almost 9am and I still feel my head pound but I think its because I havent slept in 2 days, but my suppressed appetite is still here. Im not sure if any of this is normal or what since I dont have narcolepsy, ADD or ADHD. Im sorry for the long paragraph but i want advice and such before I buy more. Should I just take larger doses or buy Adderall RX off of him??

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    Adderall doesn't come in either of those doses, the largest adderall dose in a pill is 30mg.

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    Since this subforum is dedicated to questions about the results of testing drugs I have closed this thread. Please do check out the rest of bluelight.

    Concerta (ritalin XR) is sold in 36 and 54mg tablets - I strongly suggest you know what you're ingesting before you ingest it as this is an extended release formulation so will last at least 8 hours.

    You need to sleep tonight, you should go to a doctor if you find you still can't by the morning.

    If this is the response you have, you should absolutely not take stimulants again, sleep deprivation is dangerous.
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    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

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