Since the rise in popularity of Phenibut in the some of the newer online communities, Ive had a lot of questions about the substance.
These include;

  • Synergy
  • Bad or dangerous combinations
  • Therapeutic uses
  • negative Physical and mental side effects
  • dependence
  • Half life
  • Metablites
  • affects Amino acid has on the substance
  • tappering/ WD
  • regulation

I currently take a list of substances to include: Canibanoids, Aderall, Valium (and other benzos), Suboxone (just got off the stuff a few days ago) and an snri (which i haven't started yet). Im concerned with any adverse affects this could cause by mixing these drugs.

Mods, I cannot find a general Phenibut thread here so if this needs to be moved please feel free to do so.

Below is a link to a list of studies I've been reading. Some are a little over my head in terms of my medical knowledge.

Any more knowledge or experience would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks and stay safe!