Thread: Why does my crack suck?

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    Why does my crack suck? 
    Today I was trying to make a lil' freebase on a spoon, which I've done with no problem several times before, but my rock came out terribly; in fact, it wasn't even a rock?more like baking soda-coated hcl. I'm just confused because I've used this TEK successfully at least a dozen times on the same coke I used today alone. I might've added a teeny tiny smidge too much water, but not even half a drop more than usual. The powder mix was not submerged, just damp enough to withdraw a minute amount of water with a syringe. I heated with a regular Bic 'til it bubbled a bit, then stopped after about ten or twelve seconds. However, rather than forming into a slightly mushy solid after a minute and then hardening into rock after sitting in the sun on my dashboard like it usually does, the mixture became a Scenic Sand-esque clump after a full hour of sitting in heat to dry. I've attached a shitty picture of my yield in a bag (hopefully properly) two hours after drying. Sorry if it isn’t any help. Anyway, what'd I do wrong? Is there any chance of doing something to finish the job? If not, could I convert what little yield I have back to hcl at this point?

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    Maybe your stash absorbed humidity..
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    Well either you?ve unknowingly done something wrong that caused your product to be shit or your product was shit before you decided to rock it up. Either way we can?t really help.
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    I remember hearing someone saying ether based stuff rocks up hard but oil based is more of a goop. That may have just been a song through now that I think about it. Try adjusting your ratios?
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