Thread: How do people seriously manage to maintain longterm cocaine habits?

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    How do people seriously manage to maintain longterm cocaine habits? 
    Hi, sorry if this is not the right place for this post but I was unsure as this is my first time ever posting.

    I was wondering how it is possible for people to actually have longterm daily or near daily cocaine habits... not the financial aspect per say, but the physical one. I have used it recreationally for 5 or 6 years, but never gone on a huge bender before until this year at Christmas time I did it basically every day for 2 weeks, and by the end of this I had a bunch of yellow scabs and raw skin in my nose that scared the hell out of me. I did not touch it for a month, then I did it three days in a row again last weekend and by the end of those 3 days my nose looked the same again (Note that I have gone on weekend benders before and while they definitely didn't help the nose they never used to do this kind of damage).

    Is this just happening now because I finally found a source for good extremely strong cocaine? Or is this just an abnormally strong reaction (ie. most people would not get this from a 3 day bender or even 2 weeks). I am really curious, not because I want to start doing it more often (quite the opposite, I do not even want to keep doing it on a weekly/semi-weekly basis), but just because I want to know if I should be worried about the damage that seems to have been done already, or if this is actually normal and happens to most people who use it at frequencies such as this.

    If this is a fairly normal reaction to a 2 week bender, then my question stands... how the hell do people have cocaine habits for months, let alone years, without their whole nose falling off?

    Thanks for any answers, I know this was a fairly large convoluted question lol. Hope everyone is having a great week.
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    It?s not abnormal, though not universal-that make sense?

    How have I survived this long? Why do opioids cause me severe(or even more so than otherwise) cause severe nausea and other problems, yet otherwise haven?t passed out in long long time, even with benzodiazepines, which kills people(bye, nausea is easily fixed w/ opioids just naming an example)

    A more general example is many strains of cannabis began causing anxiety years ago after really liking it for long-and now(partly due to health problems) it?s unsmokable-for others, it is quite relaxing, even some anti anxiety effects

    Drugs effect everyone differently and the after effects are also different - I can?t function anymore to the point of likely lethal results-ok health problems make me a bad example, however some can eat on meth and function pretty normal, other people pick at there face and think the mole people(or, worse Khan worms) are in their back yard

    Cocaine use-binges far more- is hard on the body-there are countermeasures, in the end it is individual response, number of adverse effects, your body, and neurological makeup, a number of variables that can prevent you from being Scarface-you don?t plan on using often, so would avoid another long binge, otherwise hope this got a point across and was half way useful to you

    Note that not everyone snorts cocaine; so if your shooting it or smoking or freebasing


    Your nose is ok, probably

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    The cuts are worse than the actual cocaine on your nose. I gave up snorting entirely because it royally fucks my nose up, and it tends to give me sinus infections, which really suck. I've been plugging it now, which has it's pros and cons, but it's the only other r.o.a. I feel is worth using. Oral has shitty bioavailability unless you use baking soda and shit, but even then it takes a damn hour to come on. I refuse to I.V. and I also refuse to smoke crack anymore. So plugging it has to be. Fuck snorting, you don't want to end up with a deviated septum, that would suck. Granted it takes along time. But yeah if you get some coke that fucks your nose up much worse than previous batches, it's probably a cut. Not that cocaine itself is great for your nostrils anyway.

    People's noses do get fucked up from years of cocaine abuse. Some people are probably more susceptible than others. I really wish coke had a better bioavailability orally and didn't take so long to kick in. You can raise the B.A. from around 30% to around 60%(same as snorting) by using something basic with it like baking soda, but still it takes an hour to kick in from what I read and lasts about an hour. So this would mean you would have to take your next dose as soon as the previous one took effect if you wanted to take effect when the first one is wearing off. That and the fucking around with sodium bicarb each time to try to raise the B.A. made me not even try it, as it seems to be more hassle than it's worth. At least plugging works well, but it's somewhat of a different high than snorting. It's more mellow for lack of a better term.
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    ^ It would last a bit longer PO, though thanks for pointing that out-forgot some of that stuff

    Btw, cocaine is quite corrosive to the nose, cuts don?t help, however pure cocaine is not something a very important body part would appreciate on any regular or possibly semi-regular basis (heavy use)

    Also, you forgot sublingual/buccal-for those interested, it?s apparently an ?ancient practice?(with leaves kinda makes sense) and here is this:

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    Thanks guys, yeah I kind of figure you are right Lorne and I probably just have a somewhat sensitive nose- when I was a bit younger and dumber and still snorted MDMA it always made me wince a bit more than others.

    RDP89, I have actually looked into this quite a bit and apparently the cocaine itself is what is so bad for the nose, not because it is corrosive but because it cuts off the blood supply. Between than info and the fact that i know the stuff I am getting now is leagues beyond anything i have ever done before in terms of purity, i think it is the cocaine itself fucking with my nose. Apparently my nose just does not appreciate 2 week long benders! lol who woulda thought??
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    Not sure if this is helpful for you, OP. But you can reduce the damage to your nose/sinuses from snorting drugs with a few practices. In particular, I have had good luck from simply irrigating my sinuses with a gentle, warm saline solution. Applying a bit of Vitamin E oil to my nostrils after using also helps. Your mileage will certainly vary. But it could help, if you do continue to insufflate your yay.
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    3 days is about the max i can do coke. Ive been on a binge lately, my nose cant handle. Plus your tolerance shoots so high. If you start in the am and peak to early you never get that again until you stop. Then its a waste. Id keep it to 2 days max a week. Handy tip: if your nose is railed smash a tylonal and snort a small line. Rub your nose and pain gone.
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    I really don't believe snorting Tylenol is helpful at all in the long-run.
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    So I'm not a coke person, doc is heroin, but when I was in rehab this most recent time, by bestie while I was there was a cokehead and her therapist made her write an apology letter TO HER NOSE for all that she'd put it through. We laughed our asses off about it. Maybe you should take an approach like that .

    Jk, I hope your nose feels better. I don't know much about blow, I've only done it two or three times, but it sounds like it's just high quality coke fucking up your nose. You're right, coke itself is very damaging to the nasal passages. If you're not hooked and you're able to only do it every so often, that's a rare gift and you should embrace it.

    Stay safe!
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