Thread: Are potent poppy pods still available?

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    Are potent poppy pods still available? 
    I remember years ago I was able to buy poppy pods on ebay to make tea with and it was awesome. I've recently tried a few vendors that I found online (Ebay no longer sells) and was disappointed to find that the quality of the pods was very low.

    Is it still possible to find quality poppy pods for sale online or is that something that has gone away?

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    I can't say for sure, but likely hard to find. I heard the harvest of certain "dried" pods were not too good this harvest. I always wondered about where to find quality to the max, but I don't even know if having the ability to select pod size and color would even help. I do hear they are at least active

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    Shortages and increased demand also bring out the dregs of yesteryear and if enough $ is involved you will get something, it might just fall into the decorative category far more than tea quality. Of course that is if you like to decorate with moldy crumbs and lopsided pods..

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    This is basically a question about sourcing and doesn't offer much in the way of HR.


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