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    Cocaine hard chunks. *Not crack.* 
    I've got about five or six chunks of hard cocaine. It's not crack rock, but just really hard chunks of cocaine that with a razor blade can be crushed up into powder. They're hard enough that you can't crush them with your fingers while they're still inside the ba, or at least I haven't been able to but then again I haven't tried to purposely smashed in between my fingers for fear that I would do if up and put a hole in the bag and lose my stash haha. All but two are about the size of a kernel of corn. One is a little bit smaller and one is about twice the size. The larger one is probably big enough where you could chop it into 4 sections and have enough to make a couple medium lines out of each section. They're all more or less Square in shape. They're pretty much slightly off-white. Maybe like a white egg shell color. They chop up into a decent fluffy powder. Very slightly stickier then the fish scale flakes I have when they get chopped up. And the chunks make more of a sound when cutting up with a razor blade. You can hear more of a chopping sound or crushing sound versus chopping the fish scale Flakes with a razor blade. The fish scale flake powder reminds me more of a fluffy snow and the hard chunks crushed into more of a very fine granualized powder. I did some looking around online a while ago and found out that after the dealer Cuts up the cocaine that sometimes they'll spray hairspray on it to get it back to a hard chunk like form. Not sure if that's exactly what I have or not, but if it is, first of all, what does the hair spray do besides turn the cocaine into a hard chunk. What does it do when you snort it? I do know that compared to the fish scale I have these hard chunks have a slight more burn when snorting. You get the same numbness in the teeth, tongue and back of the throat and your nose runs. The euphoric feeling effect doesn't seem to be any more than it is with the fish scale flakes. When doing multiple lines at one time I always alternate between my left and right nostril. About 2 weeks ago I noticed after doing two lines of fish scale, one in each nostril, and two lines of the hard chunks, one in each nostril. The third set of two lines that I did again one line in each nostril of the chunk my right nostril started to bleed. First time I've ever had a nosebleed from cocaine. That night was the second time I tried the hard chunks. The first time I just did two lines. But two weeks ago when I got the bloody nose, I did one line of fish scale, and two lines of the heart chunks in my right nostril over the course of about an hour and a half. I know cocaine is corrosive and nosebleeds aren't uncommon, but why would you think the hard chunks made my nose bleed but the fish scale hasn't?

    Has anybody else heard of dealers using hairspray to turn the cocaine back into hard chunks? And what have you guys noticed between that form of cocaine and Flaky fish scale cocaine? Are the hard Rocky chunks a better sign that your stuff has been messed with?

    E D I T** what I should have said was that the hard chunks, even though they're hard, with a razor blade you can chop them up into a find granualized powder. And like I said, you can hear more of the razor blade cutting it up into powder. Even once it's powder, you can still hear the razor blade trying to chop it some more. It's like the little grains of powder are still pretty hard form. What I should have said earlier was this form of powder isn't slightly sticky, moist. It's the fish scale flakes that are very slightly sticky, moist. The fish scale chops up into a more fine powder but it seems like the grains of powder want to somewhat stick to each other. Not clumping or anything that dramatic. Just slightly sticking to each other. And slightly sticking to the edge of the razor blade. Basically the classic way of describing fish scale. A nice white slightly pearlescent, slightly shimmery when the light hits it at an angle and of course much easier to cut with a razor blade.**
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    Umm... what's your question?

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    Read the second paragraph

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    This isn't really a harm reduction question man, I've never heard of the hair spray thing, and I used to move ounces of coke a month. All well ever be able to do is speculate, and that's not really helpful to you.

    I'm sorry but I'm closing this, feel free to pm me if you have any questions about coke in general.

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