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    White M 20 Generic Adderall 20mg??? 
    Ok guys so Im new to this site so bare with me. Today I got a refill for my ADHD medication, Amphetamine Salts IR 20mg. Usually Ive recieved some form of orange tablet, either oval or round. Every pill Ive got so far has worked completely fine for me. I dont take these to get high, and I usually only take them if I know Im gonna need to focus for work, school, etc. Im a 23 year old male, 6'3 height and weigh 200 pounds. I have a high tolerance for drugs in general, and Im prescribed to 60mg per day, or 3 doses of 20mg tablets. My question is this. Ive read a lot anout these Mallinckrodkt 20mg white tablets and I am not happy about what Ive read so far. Lots of these posts are years old, so maybe these problems have been resolved since they've been posted, but I am curious as to the side effects and effectiveness of this generic? I just took 2 of them and have work in an hour. They are obviously poorly printed because they broke in half like an ecstasy pill, and they didnt have a sour/sweet taste like all of the other brands Ive had. Can anybody give me any feedback on this? Should I call the doc and try to switch them out? Thanks everyone

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    Um, different generics are required to meet bioequivelance standards, so there is very rarely any other than negligible difference

    Otherwise don?t think BL could be of much help; if you got them from a pharmacy, try them; they should be fine, if not you switch then, though that?s unlikely and they would just be a bit less potent at worst?(Rare)

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    Im thinking it could have something to do with how quickly they enter the bloodstream or how fast they break down into your stomach, I took 3 today and they worked but the onset definitely took awhile

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    They are all fda regulated, any difference would be infinitesimal, the main difference is the proprietary binders and fillers, the active ingredient is still 20mg amphetamine salt. I'm going to close this to avoid wild speculation.

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