Thread: I need to know if i can break thru the vivitrol shot with bupe.. I am going crazy

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    I need to know if i can break thru the vivitrol shot with bupe.. I am going crazy 
    If you do not have any information that I am looking for, or you are simnply here to say "Dude you got the shot to be clean why not be clean" please just hit the back button instantly. You wont change my mind nor are you changing anyone else's minds.

    This is my first post but let me start by saying I Have spent hours looking for a definitive answer to this questions. Ill find 2 people say it works then all of a sudden some people come and say no its a waste you wont feel shit. I will also state that i was forced to take this shot by family or sleep under a bridge again. I didn't want to loose my job so I chose to get the shot. I felt terrible the first week and I am on day 10 rn. The shot has not helped with cravings one bit in fact they have been even worse. To the point that it has cause me to become extremely depressed. I feel as if i have no escape. I truly believe if i can feel that high or good in any sense it would boost my mood and ill be able to move on from this depression and get back on with my life. I can get subs pretty dam cheap from some tree i found in the woods and I need a definitive answer before i pull the trigger. Also if there is a certain way to take it example being take 2mg at a time instead of whole strip please let me know. Im not sure if it helps but I work a very physically intensive job 9 hrs a day and have a pretty fast metabolism I believe so atleast. If you need any other info from me I would be more than happy to answer as I need concrete answers asap.
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    I don't have personal experience with this. But I've done a lot of reading on it. Because I find drugs interesting and I like to read.

    In all the reading I've done, I've seen the same shit as you. We've probably read some of the same stuff.

    I don't think there is an absolute fool-proof answer. I would say that on Day 10, the odds are against you. But everyone's body chemistry is different. The only way to know is just to try. I believe I've seen people get some decent results as early as day 14 or 15, but I could be remembering wrong, and don't know where I read that.

    You say you need a definitive answer, but I don't think you're going to get that from anyone. My question to you is, if they're so damn cheap, why won't you pull the trigger? What is there to lose?
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    Some people are able to break through naltrexone using buprenorphine. Try 1-2mg intranasal and go from there. You may need to use cimetidine to potentiate the buprenorphine, but don’t make a habit of using it all the time (cimetidine can lead to unfortunate side effects like breasts on men).

    But as the above user posted, we can’t give you a super definitive answer with this. Some other substances to try and self medicate on Vivitrol are tramadol and kratom. Kratom isn’t likely to work as well as tramadol or buprenorphine though. Basically YMMV.

    Perhaps instead of just trying to self medicate you can try to get help from a doctor? Gabapentin can be great to help cravings, and would work well with Viv. There are lots of other ways to overcome mental health challenges too (MBSR, exercise, etc).

    And if you only can get Suboxone strips, try plugging. You can increase sublingual BA by using something with ethanol in it to wash your mouth out like listerine before popping the strip in under your tongue.
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    The Ki of naltrexone (0.3 nM) is lower than naloxone (0.8 nM), but buprenorphine is even lower (0.08nM). So in principle buprenorphine should displace naltrexone from opioid receptors and you'll get narcotic effects.

    Probably depends on what dose of naltrexone you use.
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    Thank you guys for responding. I tried looking online for the affinity levels of bupe and naltraxone but couldnt find em. I can get 8mg strip for like 5 bucks. to me that is cheap. Now is there a best method to do it since they are strips and i cant snort. if i take more will that have a better chance at breaking thru? Thank you all so much for answering quick. This shot is literal mental torture.

    Also if this helps its been a month since i touched a opiate so i feel like my tolerance has gone down enough to were bupe would make me feel nice.
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    Bupe has a higher affinity than naltrexone/naloxone. So in theory, taking the suboxone would knock the vivitrol off the receptors. Depending on when your last use was, the bupe may not even cause a 'high'. If youre trying to take the bupe so you can knock the vivitrol off so youre free to take another opiate/oid, it won't work. As far as taking 2 mg instead of the full 8, just cut the strip into quarters. Theyre 'supposed ' to be even dosed throughout the strip
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    Yes bupe will work while on vivitrol. I know someone in real life who had success doing that
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    I was mistaken I can get subutex pills the 8mg. And I havnt used any opiate in a month. If I do decide to test it. What would you fine fellows recommend the dosing be. Should I just go big and take 16 mg to try and get some high feeling out of it. Or 2 mg at a time ?
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    Start low
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    What are the benefits of starting slow
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    You don't end up doing too much and getting a headache whole vomiting all day
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    i mean i havnt vomited from subs in 6 years lol. but it has been about a month off opiates so... how long should i wat to redose after each dose
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    Ok Just so everyone know I tried it. I took half a strip at first then waited a bit of time and took the other half before work. It would be hard to say I Felt much of anything. Maybe a boost in mood which completely could have been placebo. What I Have noticed from this shot is extreme depression. The vivitrol shot is fucking awful.
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    Yeah I couldn't imagine doing good on it without being ready to be off
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