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    Hey is there anything I can do to not get nauseous from taking this drug? (Heroin)
    Basically I cant even enjoy the nod because as soon as I take that much I just start puking alot.
    I snort it so maybe shooting it would reduce nausea??
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    Don't shoot heroin to avoid nausea... If anything you will get more sick. Use less... Drink Ginger ale.

    Zofran is really good nausea medication if you can get your hands on it

    Really though if it's already this much of a problem you should stop using before you develop physical cravings and a dependency before it leads to a deep addiction.
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    ^This^ Really great advice but rarely taken (OP, I totally "get" it). Although I really don't understand the fascination with nodding. Hell, I prefer to enjoy my high not semi-conscious but that's just me. Everyone is different and of course, that's a good thing.
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    Anything with ginger is great for nausea, like taco dudes ginger ale suggestion
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