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    Fat Dabs 
    Ive been smoking a lot some fire bubblehash recently and i took probably the biggest dab ive ever had a few mins ago and what an experience it was id estimate it was like a .8 but it fucked me up i almost passed out taking it and it was compounded by the fact that the cloud i exhaled was lingering in my breathing space fucking me up even more it was so cool i got instantly fried with bad sweats and the high is increasing in more potent waves by the min its almost a religious experience anyways i digress what was the fattest dab youve ever took or the fattest hit of weed or weed product period
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    LOL that will do it for sure

    I've dabbed a gram before a few times and its gnarly, but once the coughing's over you feel so relaxed. I remember coming out of a clinic with a friend and because we had an hour drive home I decided to dab one of the grams we had bought. My friend ends up doing the same and we ended up going back into the clinic for more. On top of that they didn't believe that we had actually done it so they gave us each a half gram dab and were surprised when we finished it no problem. Needless to say we hung around the clinic for like 30 min before driving home.
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    I have taken a half gram dab and would be hesitant to do anything bigger. Coughed for like 3 minutes straight and couldn't decide if I wanted to sit or stand. I totally understand where you're coming from with the sweats. It feels like you're sweating all over your body. It is always a good idea to blow out the smoke as you're taking big dabs instead of all at once at the end. I have heard that holding in dab hits can make the oil condense in your lungs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HJ420 View Post
    I have heard that holding in dab hits can make the oil condense in your lungs...
    Well yeah, even when you're smoking flower some of the oils will condense on your throat and lungs. That's no reason to blow it out quicker though. Those oils just get absorbed.
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    My first dab was massive. My boss gave it to me when I worked as a carpenter. I don't know how big it was but I coughed forever and when I went back to painting/staining wood the wood grain and paint spatter/drops were morphing into cartoons and alien logos.
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