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    Second LSD trip advice? 
    My first trip wasnt exactly a normal trip, I got a tab of lsd sold as 235ug and cut a small slither off to test, which it confirmed LSD, I wanted to try microdosing so I did my very best to dose it, felt nothing and took a tiny slither more, however I took too much and started feeling drunk, I had done my research and knew I had probably written off a whole day anyway, i decided to just take half a tab a little after, I believe I must have had around 150 ug in total.

    The result of this was a very long intense comeup and spent most of my trip in this state, as I came up I became aware of all the processes going on in my body this was not very enjoyable, the lights started breathing and I was happy I was actually going to trip and get something out of this, after that sounds and thoughts were just too much to process and this left me confused for allot of the trip, as i got further into the trip I finally started to get it all and was able to focus on certain things and get exactly what i wanted out of it, at one point i felt totally almost enlightened, like the satori state is described.

    I hallucinated a bug that wasnt there towards the end of the trip, faces and surfaces morphing, but no closed eye visuals, I did enjoy my trip and look back on it as a powerful experience that has made me more self aware as a person.

    Im thinking about tripping again but have no idea what dose to take or how tolerance may have played a roll in my last trip if at all, since i was microdosing earlier that day.
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    Your tolerance on your microdose is really not an issue, but, when did you last trip? Tolerance is really not much of an issue if it has been about a week since your trip, in this case, do not worry about it.
    But try not to trip often generally, if this is your second trip, I would recommend waiting at least two weeks from your last trip, it's better to not overload your mind in my opinion, and it makes for much more magical trips.
    But I know it is hard to resist, as it is an amazing experience
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    My trip was just over two weeks ago, so if tolerance wouldnt have been at play and I got at least the effects of half a tab maybe more, so if i were to take half a tab without any microdoses prior it would be exactly the same as my last trip?, so its probably wise to increase the dose?
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    No need to increase your dose, you should be fully back to baseline by now
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