Thread: Does this sound reasonable for a first X roll? Got tweaky and weird...

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    Does this sound reasonable for a first X roll? Got tweaky and weird... 
    Let me know if this is the wrong forum, but I had my first X experience a few days ago. Saturday night had a shitty weekend with some terrible news, had some x pills bought off a friend. White apple mac logo pills, pink playboy bunnies. Stamped. Boyfriend and I each took a pill around 9pm, had eaten at 8 (didn't know not to). Long story short started rolling at 11:30, I came up first (I usually do with any drug we take) and I was chattering my head off. Jaw clenching HARD, chewed the collar almost off my shirt within an hour. Sweating, talking NONSTOP, craaaazy empathetic and swaying to music, wanting to dance, panting, enlarged pupils. We each consumed another 1/2 pill, bf said he didn't feel very euphoric but rather tingly and good but he wasn't very empathetic or chatty (anything he said I just steamrolled over with my own train of thought haha).

    Started coming down slightly at 4am, each took another 1/2 pill. I felt this one in 15min and was rolling again. At 8am we tried sleeping to comedown, both of us felt disgusting. I was fucking wired, shaking, still chewing on random stuff and laying in bed started tweaking out. Staring at my boyfriend's chin stubble, I saw it start to shake and wave around creepily. Doorways got weirdly wavy and were electrified with "sparks" that reminded me of a lame imitation of acid visuals. Environment started twitching, my heart was still pounding like a MF, boyfriend and I felt like we had been poisoned by some disgusting drug. We both got up at 10 giving up sleep, both of us could barely string sentences together. I was still twitching and grinding my teeth hard, dropping stuff and everything looked foggy and grey and gross. Acid felt manufactured, but it felt "right" and pure and the most beautiful thing ever. These pills made me feel like I had to read a 1000 page book in an hour, like I could NEVER stop talking and sweating and twitching and swaying.

    Total newbie to x, but have taken acid and shrooms before, been a stoner for a longass time.

    Just curious if this is normal for a first time rolling. I felt disgusting for 3 hours after that, then was hit with a period of clarity for some hours, then crashed hard and had a panic attack at work around 7pm. Am I just weak or does this just sound typical?

    I sold the pills back to the dude I bought off since the boyfriend said he felt so gross and poisoned for a couple days after it wasn't even worth it to him.
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    Did you test what you took? I guess not.

    If you did not test it, you can't be sure it was really MDMA. Buy a testkit online, and test what you take next time
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    Solid advice haha, I should have done that and if I ever do it again I will. I was just curious if the "poisoned" feeling was normal but maybe someone will chime in. I'm an idiot for not testing, even tho the dude I bought off took from the same batch and had a great time. But he rolls every 3 weeks, and has been for years. He's fried
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    Poisoned feeling can be normal if you overdid it and took too much MDMA. Although from what I read chances are what you had wasn't MDMA, 2.5 hours is pretty damn long time for it to come up. You should start feeling MDMA within 30-60 minutes. Next time test your stuff! Or at least check pillreports and see if you can find your pills on there through a recent post!
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    Yes, ecstasy can make you wired and jittery, and produce the feelings you described during your roll, especially if you are prone to anxiety. I have a panic disorder and ecstasy is a panic attack trigger for me. Even weed induces anxiety, panic, and paranoia in me. The fact that you both felt like you had ingested something poisonous the next day sounds like it may have included some adulterants. It could be that you both have some kind of allergic reaction to MDMA, but for both members of a couple to have the same allergic reaction to it seems weird. I'm leaning towards adulterants or some analog of the drug being sold as MDMA. Has your boyfriend done MDMA before and felt good, or was it the first time for both of you?
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    Hard to tell without a test kit but honestly it sounds similar to my experience after getting MDMA laced with meth. That gross strung out feeling was the worst and definitely not something I've ever felt again with straight MDMA.

    That amount of redosing is usually a recipe to feel like complete shit though so that could also be a cause.
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    I'd say it sounds like a pretty typical experience depending on dose. MDMA hallucinations are pretty common on MDMA, even more so on MDA. As it happens I've experienced both the electrical sparks and the 'twitching environment' numerous on both MDMA and MDA. My frame of vision used to suddenly seem to skip/shift to a slightly different point, like reality had just suddenly glitched to the left/right/whatever. Was it like that? That said, there are a number of empathogens, psychedelics & other assorted RC's (or combos there of) which can cause similar hallucinations, and as such it's absolutely impossible to know what you did/didn't take.

    So yeah, I'd say that what you experienced has the hallmarks of a fairly typical MDxx experience (especially if you dosed high/smoked weed?), although that's by no means any kind of indication that this is what it was, and the only way to know for sure what you took would be to get a sample lab tested or to test yourself with a testing kit. Obviously you said you'd returned them to your dealer, which I'd say is a pretty good shout. Not enough people do that.

    I did find this report on pillreports:

    And this is always worth a look.

    Nothing definitive though, so just a reminder that we don't allow substance ID's at bluelight.

    Quote Originally Posted by St3ve View Post
    PAlthough from what I read chances are what you had wasn't MDMA, 2.5 hours is pretty damn long time for it to come up. You should start feeling MDMA within 30-60 minutes.
    Whilst I'd say this would ordinarily ring true, they stated that they had just eaten a big meal and I think the usual onset time for whatever they took was simply delayed because of that. The reason I say is because their second pill kicked in within 15 minutes.
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    It seems like sleep deprivation can add a lot of tweaky side effects to most drugs. But overall this experience does sound a little off, although for many new timers (especially girls) a whole pill can be too much. Many people may only need half a pill when first starting out.
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