Thread: France concerned over Russian interference in elections amid reports of hacking

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    France concerned over Russian interference in elections amid reports of hacking 
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    You cant make this stuff up. I bet the Soviets are responsible for the terror attack yesterday in order to make the French vote for LePen.

    For weeks, state-funded Russian news agencies like Sputnik and RT have published in French stories of questionable validity – one positing that scandal-plagued, but Kremlin-friendly conservative candidate François Fillon had made a remarkable recovery in opinion polls (the onetime favorite is actually tied for third place), while another suggested that liberal front-runner Emmanuel Macron was a “U.S. agent lobbying banks’ interests” and a closeted homosexual supported by a “very rich gay lobby.”
    Of course it is Fauxnews so clearly the story is suspect in the first place.

    Ahhh, well here is one from NBC.
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    If LePen wins we'll never hear the end of it. Of course, absolutely no other nation interferes with elections. With computeres, or without. Never.
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    What is this, Spy VS Spy?
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