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    Another novel opioid, U-48800 

    Much closer to U-51754 than U-47700, what are you doing China

    For those unaware, that methylene spacer leads to much higher κ-opioid receptor activity.
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    This is one I doubt anyone should try. Some of these they sell are completely inactive in regards to opiate effect with side effects that are just toxic.
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    Anyone care to speculate on this ones action in vivo? How would you say the K opiod receptor activity effect things? Also are there any numbers on the receptor affinity etc?
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    This is crap being pumped out for the sake of it.
    Please re apply some reason to the chemicals produced!
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    Pay attention to all that news formulations from find a good source took to my friend a lot of time for exemple for U47700 or 4-FIBF, but now that he knows where he can trust about quality abandoned dangerous experiments, and when he want to spent a couple of days "researching" he buy always in that place, with products with a sure dosing and formulation.
    I think the real danger are attempts with RCs, do you agree folks?
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    Please use the first person and keep this thread about the substance mentioned in the title, instead of full meta.
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    ok for the first person, i didnt read rules accurately but what is the meaning of: instead of full meta.
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    I always inwardly cringe when some novel molecule with a name similar to a previously awesome And successful RC(usually too successful as it was quickly added to the global list of schedule I substances.). This series of chemicals was explored extensively with the U-47700 being the crem du le crem. About twice as potent as good ol' Diamorphine and lasting about half as long, it also bathed human receptors in histamines, but otherwise could pass for heroin IV despite its vastly different molecular structure. It took me a year of "experiments" to realize the shit smoked like ice but with a heroin rush. It could have become the opioid version of crack if some one at the DEA hadn't realized the danger before the RC exploiters discovered this fact and flooded the high schools with it. Wew, I never thought I would give props to the DEA, but man that was close.
    Now back to U-48800. The almost ubiquitous error chemical adventures make is presume that because a molecule is a close homologue or analogue of substance X, that X+Y will be a similar substance. These people talk about structure activity relations with an apple doesn't fall far from the tree conviction.
    Let me disabuse you of this nonsense with a simple example.
    Take DXM, yes the crap in much cough syrup. If you take the exact same molecule from a chemist perspective the dextro isomer is to the levo isomer the same. Same exact amount of atoms make up both molecules, all the atoms are almost in the same position to one another.
    The only difference is one of the bond angles. This makes the polarized light shown through a vapor of one pure enantiomer rotate to the clockwise in one and counterclockwise in the other. A chemist would probably say the two enantiomers and the racemate were all the same.
    From a pharmicologist perspective, the racemate would add powerful mu agonism to it's properties, and the pure LXM is a very powerful(stronger than heroin by weight. Not the mild Nmda antagonist so any bored children know.
    My point is if just a single bond angle change can lead to vastly different biological activity, do you really think the close structure theory holds water for long? The lazy bastards in Congress who never saw a analogue act they understood; more poor troublemakers behind bars, and jobs for the US's most uneducated and unable to handle the hard pace of fast food or hard work of unskilled labor; a high school diploma and and a narrow mind are that's needed for a carreer in US penal industry.
    Dumb ass constituents often drink on the job as alcoholics are often bragging about how they never even tried the devils weed let alone "bath salts" a term about specific as saying youth crime.
    Anyway don't be as dumb as the bugs that write the laws that technically make every human being on earth a criminal guilty of the manufacture and transport of a schedule I. controlled substance(DMT and GHB are endogenous ligands, made in every human brain on earth so stop making drugs and transporting them or face the consequences. One can only wonder if these paragons of ignorance will arrest are incarcerate themselves when they realize that they are breaking at least two felonies every day thanks to their lack of research and just terrible judgement.
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    High affinity as a kappa opioid agonist you say. Why yes I'd love to ingest a disphoric opioid deliriant. Maybe I'll just skip dosing and go straight to psych ward
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorMolecule View Post
    High affinity as a kappa opioid agonist you say. Why yes I'd love to ingest a disphoric opioid deliriant. Maybe I'll just skip dosing and go straight to psych ward
    ha i was literally about to post something very, very similiar (ツ
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    It's inanity it's still sold.
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    You saying u47700 is good to smoke? Is this from first hand experience? I thought it was for snorting
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisakabusi View Post
    You saying u47700 is good to smoke? Is this from first hand experience? I thought it was for snorting
    Clearly that is what he said. However - there's a whole other thread (just above at the time I post this) on that substance.

    So - has anyone actually tried this one?
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    I enjoy u 48800 I guess i dont get scared of things i guess being aheroin addict does that
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