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    Oxycontin V MsContin 
    So, my mate has a casual habit of taking Oxy to get through the day easier and uses about 80-100mg give or take a few for sometimes a week or two at a time depending how much he can get.

    He tried a new supplier and they ended up getting him MScontin 100mg tabs by mistake so now he's not really sure what to make of it. He hasnt used MSContin before but does like the high associated with IM or IV 10mg when hes had surgery ect.

    Can he posssibly replicate that high with the MS tabs and if so what sort of ratio of MS to Oxy equivalent should he use?
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    Had ms contin many times... Capsules are best as contents mix easily... Tabs can be whacked - cold extraction (crush in water) for 5mins then use wheel filter to draw into fit... 80mg gives me a good buzz even though on methadone...
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    The safest ROA is plugging - it's also the highest BA outside IV. So I'd recommend it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by infectedmushroom View Post
    The safest ROA is plugging - it's also the highest BA outside IV. So I'd recommend it.
    Nah, just whack it. Wash your hands and arms thoroughly, use swabs on EVERYTHING that's going to touch the pill (ya gotta wash off the wax) swab the spoon, use boiling water with a 3ml barrel and Robert's Your Mothers's Brother.

    The Oral BA for morphine is obnoxiously low. IV is the gentlemen's way of taking sweet sweet morphine
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    If you are going to shoot pills you need to do it right if you want it to be anywhere near safe.

    Obviously you need everything to be as clean/sterile as possible.

    However wiping the outer coating with a swab does not remove all the wax, the wax is embedded in the body of the tablet along with other materials as part of the slow release matrix.

    The problem with using hot water is that these materials will go into solution and then become solid again when the liquid cools.

    It is safer to use cold water and it is essential to double filter, first with a coarse filter like the standard cigarette filter and then with a micron filter.

    Here is a link that shows in detail just how much material is left behind after a single filter using a cigarette filter.

    It also gives the melting points for the various materials that are in ms contin.

    I agree that done correctly plugging is the better option but each to their own.

    However if you are going to shoot pills you should definitely take the time to make it as safe as possible.
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