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    Blog Idea/Format Suggestions? 
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    I'm going to be committing to a federal government ran program called Job Corps. I'm going to write a daily blog about my experiences there and my experiences being sober there or taking psychedelics under the radar while attending.

    The program is a work at your own pace but they say the Culinary Arts trade runs usually for 12-18 months.

    I want to have a cool and STRICT format for this blog but am very unsure of where to start. Something that stands out aesthetically or stylistically. Basically I want suggestions on how to write this in regards to paragraph structure/idea layout format. Maybe like a time journal? Maybe an addition of a famous quote at the end of these things and my philosophical thoughts on it? Those are just examples.

    Anyone have any ideas for me? Even if the blog is lame and no one cares, I want to do it and I need some kind of structure. I also don't make friends easily and am very introverted usually and will be attending with people who (from the looks and pre-judgements from orientation) do not fit my demographic.

    I also don't really intend on making any intense relationships or friendships while there because I really want to focus on learning the art/trade and getting into a decent job as quick as I can. So this means having a laptop there with not many to talk to provides alot of idle time to write (which I thoroughly enjoy doing!)

    Any advice/suggestions are welcome and I would like to hear your guys' ideas! Thank you!
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    focus on substance not style.

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    I look forward to reading your blog OP!

    Also would like to echo alasdair's sentiments regarding content, particularly with regards to not giving a fuck. Well, considering the nature of your situation I hope you will be careful enough not to share anything that might come back to bite you in the ass.

    It's a balancing act or, rather, a learned skill. I think of these kinds of projects as space to explore, let one's authentic voice out and learn the skills necessarily to become independent and self-reliant, and a more mature adult.
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