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    Boiling water from hydrocodone CWE 
    So recently a Friend and I have became curious on the creative uses of CWE hrydrocodne. The thought first came when we saw a close friend dump a large amount of plain crushed up hydro into karo and drink it. Personally I was concerned. Thinking deeper into it I thought there has to be a safer alternative. Obviously CWE is the only way to go with hydro. But my question is, is it possible to boil it and have it return to the same state? My hopes was to have him make some simple syrup as an alternative that won't kill him. Anything will help, I know it's quite 'extra' to drink it. But as he won't swallow nor snort them I'd like to find him an alternative he likes.
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    If he will not do something as simple as mixing with cold water and filter - he will not bother boiling it.

    An alternative

    CWE or the alternative is destroying your liver/risk of death - pretty simple choice really. Welcome to the site by the way
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    The boiling water part is most likely going to destroy a small percentage of the Hydro. Something as simple as a 4" round piece of say bed sheet material or an old t shirt even can make a fine filter if tucked into a 2" round empty prescription bottle or the like. Wet your cloth and secure it with a rubber band.In a separate container, Let your pills dissolve and agitate once or twice then let settle till you have a slightly cloudy water layer on top of the APAP and fillers. Hydrocodone is very water soluble and after dumping the whole mixture through your makeshift filter you will be left with an almost clear solution with ~90+% of the hydro and very little APAP. If you could just talk him into plugging you could get a lot more mileage out of your Hydro.
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