Thread: would strattera help with adderall withdrawl?

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    would strattera help with adderall withdrawl? 
    long story short, I've been prescribed adderall for almost 14 years. 6 years ago I started taking more than prescribed because I developed a tolerance and therefore my script runs out after 2 weeks leaving me to experience adderall withdrawl for a week- I can't do anything but sleep!
    I was wondering if I took strattera if it would lessen the withdrawl effects- if it would help keep me awake at all?
    I tried concerta once but it took a high dosage to achieve any effect.
    Thank you!
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    I took strattera 80 mg to stay alert after being up a day it worked ok for focus but unlike adderall i didnt find things more interesting or the mood boost. But it did get me through five more hours before falling asleep
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    Sorry frend i dont think it will i have tried strattera and is also used as a anti depressant so then again maybe a small help
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    thanks all, guess I'll just have to try it.
    I checked for drug interactions with my other meds and it says it would be fine.
    I just can't stand the non stop sleeping when I run out. It's ruining my life!
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