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    Question on Hydrocodone Dosage 
    I usually take 40mg of hydro to get a nice high, but one of the things I don't like about hydro is that it doesn't last long. If I were to take 20mg crushed and the other 20mg whole would that make it kick in faster and also prolong the effects as opposed to taking it all crushed? Or should I just take it all the same way (crushed or whole)?
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    Crush it all it will hit a wider surface area and kick harder idk about faster... The kick thing i mean is it wont creep up slowly it will be faster onset
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    The difference between crushing and whole is about 8 mins. If you want to isolate the desired API you should look into doing a CWE- cold water extraction and leaving 90% of the APAP behind. Effectively leaving more exposed mucosa available. If that still doesn't satisfy then plugging should be looked into as Hydro has a fairly poor BA.
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