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Thread: Need help drug test

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    Need help drug test 
    Need help drug test
    Hey guys long time looker first time poster. I'm taking a drug test tomorrow. I'm using my pee. But it's from today, which I put in a bottle about 3 to 4 mins after smoking some hard. My question is how fast would that be detectable in urine? How fast does it metabolize? I know it's a unique question. I know one of you chemist have an answer. Thanks in advance.
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    This may be a really stupid question but here goes..... why in the FUCK would you do that knowing you have a UA tomorrow?

    That's about all I have to contribute to this thread.
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    These questions can't be answered here. Good luck on your drug test though
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    why in the heck was this moved to OD??

    we do not allow drug testing questions.

    mods, i apologize on behalf of the homeless & anonymous team.
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