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    E + A- experienced-*My first true candyfliP!!* 
    Ok, so I've been sitting here reading trip reports for the last hour, and I felt compelled to add to the story book with a tale of my own: My first real candyflip.

    Now, this took place about two years ago....and it actually had started out as a pretty shitty evening. A few friends and I had hit up a party in Pittsburgh PA...I forget what it was called, something to do with a zodiac sign, at some ice skating ring, and DJ Micro was there. But anyways, we had been wandering around looking for "something to eat", happened upon a girl who was selling rolls. So my friend N and I decided to pool our money and buy 25 so we could take some home and make a few extra bucks. So we have the money in our hands, she gives us the pills and we give her the money and tell her to count it(roughy $350 or so). And as we are examining the pills, she takes off...and wouldn't you know, the pills ended up being EPHADRINE!! Very fuckin pissed. So my friend N proceeds to spend the rest of the party looking for this chick, following false leads, and finally finding out that she had left. But in the meantime, we had found real pills and were rolling face(I had munched three) being screwed out of $350 didn't seem so bad at the time. All in all, it was a shitty party, but only because of the circumstances. Anyways, here's where the fun started

    The Ride Home.

    So we left the party, fridged cold, still kind of rolling, but definitely tapering off...not really looking forward to the long ride home back to Ohio. During the night, I had also scored for myself a hit of acid:liquid dropped on a gummie bear. I had debated whether or not I should eat it, but given the last time I mixed e+a(a very bad first time candyflipping...but that is another story), I had decided to save it for later. However, N had been looking through his cigarettes(where he stashed his pills) trying to have a laugh about the 25 ephadrine pills we now owned, when he noticed that he still had an e pill left amongst all the ephadrine pills. He figured that he must have thought he had taken his last pill when he had really taken an ephadrine pill. ANYWAYS....this new find got my fukt mind churning.....self: "Well, I do have this hit of acid, and if I could persuade N to hook me up with that pill, that would give the ratio of 4e/1a. Ought to be ok..." So yeah, I whined my way into making N give me his last pill....besides, he had to drive home, he didn't need anymore drugs. So the stage was set, I chomped my acid, and then chomped my pill, downing the mess with what was left of my bottle of water.
    And so we drove....

    The arangement of the car went like this: N driving, his girlfriend A in the passenger seat, me sitting behind Nick in the back seat, next to our friend T, who was sleeping when my drugs kicked in. I had noticed that I had started to roll again, getting progressively harder and harder, coming in waves. Mad tingles up and down my neck, the music on the car stereo was sounding so amazing at that point. So I just sat back and zoned out to the passing scenary. I handed N a cd that I felt would fit the mood, Dave Ralph's Tranceport II cd(this was back in my trancehead days)...he popped it in, and just as the first song was peaking, I felt the acid....and this would be the part where my memory fragments into recollections of points of the experience. All the inbetweens are blurred, and I really couldn't tell you in what order they occured. But I will try and relate them to no particular order at all:

    1) I had the most wonderful feelings of with the world, peace and happiness....and I remember wishing out loud that "this is how it is really meant to be!!!" N just snickered at my carrying ons...but he knew exactly what I was talking about. I kept repeating "I'm in candy land! I'm in candy land!!! Look, can you see the rainbows!?" And I could too! The morning sky was an artists pallet of colors, mixed and swirled, fading from one color to the next in vivid 70s technicolor. I couldn't even believe the trails that I was getting off the passing road signs, cars, whatnot...not your usual acid trails, but it was as if the spectrum of light would divide in consecutive order. For example: I would wave my hand in front of my eyes, real slow to get the most out of my trails, but the first after image would be a red hand, the second and orange, the third a yellow, the fourth a green, the fifth a blue, the sixth a violet, and all the way back around again. It was amazing. And the WHOLE WORLD was doing if I had fallen into a water color- still wet, turned on its side to let the colors run. Out of this fucking world! "I'm in candy land!!"

    2) I remember we came up a hill on the road to reveal a vista of hills and valleys in the distance ahead. There was a fine moring mist hanging on the lower slopes of said hills creating the illusion that we were viewing something much larger from up above, through the clouds or something. And of course the sky was doing it's rainbow thing. Anyways, upon thinking that this sight looked like something you would see from an airplane, or from a look out tower or something, my mind instantly translated this information to what I was seeing....and it was as if my depth perception suddenly expanded to a fourth dimension of if I had suddenly become about a 1/16 of my original size. The scene just seemed that much bigger...and it completely took my breath away. At this point I realized that I was sweating like a fool, and usually this would concern me, however I was too caught up in "seeing the world for the first time all over again". If only we could take pictures of our hallucinations!

    3) I had focused on the trance music coming from the speaker beside me, molded into the car interior. You know how car speakers go: that mesh like material covering the actual speaker... Well, it was this mesh that caught my attention...the complex patterns of positive and negative space consumed my entire field of vision. As the music flowed, the original color gray faded through the cycle of rainbow colors(once again, "I'm in candy land")in time with the music....only the positive space and the negative space were constantly changing roles in the mesh. As if one second the mesh was the "solid thing", and then the next second, the holes in between the mesh became the "solid thing" and the actual mesh became the holes. I can't really explain it any better than that. As the speaker continued it's battle with itself, I began to think of the speaker cover as some sort of reptile that of the chameleon(sp???), only in this case it would be a chameleon in candy land. Upon realizing this, the mesh took on an added "third dimension", raising itself in bumps to resemble that of a reptiles skin, only the colors scattered and became the pastels of their former selves...yet still quite brilliant and 70s technicolor. It was very cool.

    4.) Last but not least was the most profound part of my trip. Sasha's "Belfunk" song had come of my favorite trance tunes of all time, and I began listening to the song, once again, as if it were the first time I had heard it. The growing of tension pulling me farther and farther into the song. The hum of the car on the road melting into the ambiant noises contained in the song....the tkk tkk tkk tkk(only flanged or something) of the woodblock panning around the car, the bassline becoming seemingly more and more important, building and building and building....more and more pressure, begging....longing for a release...if I hadn't had my seatbelt on, I would have been on the edge of my seat....until finally....the breakdown. Those three solitary, sad bell tones tolling floored me. I lost all thought of "self" and "I" was like a mental blackout of sorts....I could still see everything that was going on in candy land, but it's as if the lights of "Scott" had gone out. My mind was a complete blank....I had forgotten who I was, what was going on, that I was on drugs, that I was in a car....and the only thing that mattered at that moment was the bells tolling. I had ceased to experience time the way it is meant to be experienced by those who are sober. It was as if that minute of breakdown stretched to what seemed like an hour of me being lost in musical infinity. It was quite breathtaking.... And then the bass and the drums kicked back in, and with them, the "Scott" light clicked back on....I fell back into my seat and let out a sigh, and all I could say was "wow....." I had never geeked out that hard in my entire life. It was fucking amazing!! And now whenever I hear that song, I still get tingles up the back of my neck...making me stop to appreciate it.

    And that about does it. There was all kinds of other cool stuff....but those are the ones that really stuck out, and all the rest I don't remember, but I know it was cool. All in all it was a WONDERFUL experience....the mix of drugs was perfect, the setting was perfect, the music was perfect....everything was perfect. We made it home, and N and I sat in his room for the rest of the day, smoking pot and listening to music, talking of things that at the time seemed the upmost in importance....though looking back I couldn't tell you what we talked about. And I guess all I can say is that if all those people who condemn drugs and drug users could experience anything close to what I experience that morning....the feelings, the emotions, the sights, the profound beauty of the psychedelic experience.......well, I think they would be singing a different tune. Thanks for reading
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    Awesome trip report! Can you say jealous? I have yet to experience my first candyflip but your post makes me all the more excited. Out of curiousty what went wrong with your first candyflip? What were the dosages you used, when did you take each substance in relation to the other, and did you take them simultaneously or one before the other? Thanks in advance for answering my questions. Peace.


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    Ok, my first candyflip(the bad one) was a classic case of underestimating the power of drugs....underestimating the power of mixing drugs... I was at a party...I had been eager to try this combo FOR AGES, and decided that it was time. So I ate my pill first(I don't know if you ever had the x-files pills that were shaped like a rounded triangle? well, that was the pill I ate, and I had eaten these a few times before this incident, so I knew what one pill would do to me), and waited about half an hour....began to get impatient as I had yet to feel anything, so I chomped my hit of acid(cat in the hat blotter...very good stuff). Did the party thing, walked around and danced, talked to people, etc etc, and I began to feel the effects of the drugs. Now here is where I fucked up....upon feeling the first waves of my "candyflip", I ate ANOTHER hit of the cat in the hat blotter. What I was thinking, I don't know. And needless to say, the acid completely overpowered the roll...but because of the synergy between the two, what was actually two hits of acid felt like ten. I was tripping SO HARD! And I guess I just wasn't ready for it, because when shit started to get funky, it hit me like a ton of bricks. And to make a long story short, I spent the whole night huddling in a corner, being talked down by one of the girls that threw the party(bless her soul!), fighting not to lose it. And I guess that is what made it worse than if probably should have been....if I could have just let the drug take me where it was going to take me instead of resisting it, well it may have been a different story. And I couldn't even tell you what I was so scared of... But it was bad. But like I said, never underestimate the power of mixing drugs!!! But don't let that deter you....because obviously, from my original post, I got it worked out eventually Enjoy your first candyflip!!! It ought to be an experience you will never forget!!!!!

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    Thats a damn awesome candyflip report

    My first candyflip wasn't nearly as good as that. It was weak acid and the peak of the acid had worn off, this was when I took the pill. So really I was just pilling with the wierd tinge that acid puts on everything when you're still feeling it but its not taking hold of you anymore.

    Man, I wish you could have something to record drug experiences first hand and all you had to do was press play and you would have a whole drug experience without taking the drug and without worrying about the possibility of things getting too much because it has a description of the trip from start to end. haha

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    Damn!!!!!!!!!! I wanna candyflip!!!!!!!! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting to try it. I've hippie flipped but took too much xtc in combination with the shrooms 4 ecstasy pills/1-Eighth shrooms...oh well....still a very beautiful experience. Your report made me wanna candyflip more than ever! Nice report.

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    everyone who enjoys the e should candyflip at least once in their lives!! Good fun!

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    haha, nice trip...belfunk isnt all that though

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    yeah, but I'm sure you know how music can be during times like that

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    Candyflips are absolutely fucking awesome. I think it safe to say that it is the most wonderful combination and synergy between two drugs that I have discovered in my two years or so of experimentation.

    And hell, candyflipping is so good, it makes almost anything listenable, and most tracks downright incredible, which can be embarrasing when you're raving on to your friends about how good a certain track sounded, when if listened to when sober, it sounds excrementally bad.

    But cheers on the tripreport dude, it was a very pleasant read!

    -plaz out-

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