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    Vaporizing around Birds? 
    I have an Arizer Xtreme Q and I use it on a daily basis.

    Recently I got a pet bird;
    He is a Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure. (He's an adorable little cuddle muffin!)
    I was calling him a girl until I got the DNA results back from the breeder which is the only definitive way to tell their sex. I was calling her (him) Amethyst (or Amy for short) and I quite liked it but now it feels odd.
    I was thinking about naming him Onyx (going for precious stone theme) but Im not sure yet.

    Im not EXTREMELY worried about it but I also cant really find any straight answers on the internets.
    Seemingly lots of people saying that Ecigs seem to be okay but very little info on vaping MJ

    I keep him in the same room about 8 feet from where I sit and I also have fans forcing air out my window so its got some circulation.

    Im just concerned about when I take huge hauls or if I have friends over; will the residual vapor cause any issues?
    What if I am holding my bird? I dont plan to blow it in his face but Id like to know if there is any possible danger just from the proximity and second hand vapor.

    On a side note:
    Does anyone TRY to get their birds high?
    Do they react to it at all?

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    My bird used to get a bit wonky if I vaped more than half a gram of heroin next to him..

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    Well, I imagine if there is enough residual active ingredient in the exhausted vapor, your bird may inhale some of it. Just take it out of the room.

    On a side note:
    Don't be a jerk and get your pet high.

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    Yeah I imagine that also, it's kinda obvious... that's why I'm asking for some substantial research; or at least anecdotes/tales of others experiences with this.
    I can't really just take it out of the room conveniently but I've taken measures to keep the vapors drift minimal.

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    From my understanding, so long as the air is constantly refreshed it shouldn't be an issue. I share my home with 7 parrots myself (One of whom is a yellow sided green cheek as well funny enough) and I did some research on the general topic of vaping nicotine and CBD liquid around birds. General rule seems to be that as long as fresh air is introduced to the room on a rather regular basis and you aren't blowing vapor of any type at them they should be fine. Unlike smoke which lingers vapor falls as it cools so poses much less of a risk for your feathered baby. Granted this is just from the research I did when I switched to vaping so couldn't hurt to double check in case new info has come out that is contrary to what I had found.

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    Don't blow fresh vape in its face and the bird should be fine. Turn a fan on. Very simple. Now if your bird wants it, well....

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    I never vape in the same room as my pet ball python. Admittedly, snakes only have one lung, and a shitty lung at that, so I probably need more caution than you. I still wouldn't vape around a bird though. I do it 'round my guinea pig, but he's always been kinda fond of weed... strange little critter.
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    In my experience dont vape in the same room

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    Cool to see someone else into birds. I know for a fact they can get high & the munchies; I had a green cheek conure. I would try not to smoke around him but I don't think it's particularly harmful. Better it be weed than tobacco

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    I would just like to put out an update

    My bird is still doing fine he doesn't seem to be effected by the residual vapors. I'm confident that I am not causing my bird any harm

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    My birds love cannabis. I tell them not to smoke but they eat it and dont listen to me. Those cockatiels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morninggloryseed View Post
    My birds love cannabis. I tell them not to smoke but they eat it and dont listen to me. Those cockatiels.
    I left my bird alone on my desk for a minute once and when I returned he had his head in my weed jar, chewing on a stem lol

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    Try to keep his diet authentic to what he would have in the wild- with plenty of fruits and greens. My grandma always had tons of birds and I hated to see them caged up. I think if I owned one, I would give him the run of the house or at least his own room. Maybe open a window when you smoke or vape and keep a fan running. I'm glad you updated, Chip. They are beautiful birds!

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