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    hyoscyamine, Levsin rec value 
    Does hyoscyamine have any recreational value? If so, how much did you take for a good time?

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    I thought "is this recreational" posts were forbidden, but levsin has absolutely zero recreational potential (anyone who has posted here 1/2 a thousand times should know better). It has a weak sedative effect similar to benadryl, but does not get one high. In larger doses it can cause unpleasant long-lasting hallucinations associated with datura, high dose benadryl etc. Some people enjoy the warmth/body buzz that benadryl gives, so levsin could produce a similar effect. Personally I have tried up to 2mg of levsin, and found it similar to benadryl. To most logical minded drug users, levsin is devoid of recreational content.
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    Originally posted by negrogesic
    I thought "is this recreational" posts were forbidden
    they are

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