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    I don't understand the Research ship and what happened on Venus. Hahahaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by malakaix View Post
    Too bad it was the finale

    I didn't even realise until someone told me.
    lol i didn't know either but could tell just from the intensity of the episode that it was the end. either way i enjoyed the plot-building episodes too, didn't even realize until the episode before last when there was an outdoor shot that the series was filmed at pinewood studios downtown here. now i gotta keep my eyes peeled for any extra i might know

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    I don't understand the Research ship and what happened on Venus. Hahahaha
    i believe the technical term is discombobulated

    it was good to see Terry Chen join the cast. enjoyed his performance in Continuum, a previous sci-fi (and SyFy) series set in Vancouver, which did a good job in tackling the concept of time travel. worth a watch if you can handle the occasional episodic "cop drama"-ish plot. martian marine's CO also had a role in Continuum.
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    Continuum was ok, though I did find Rachel Nichols a bit grating at times.
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