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    Ketamine.heroin addiction 
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    Hey bluelight! I hope this I the correct place to post this .If not let me know and I'll recpost it.

    So I'm a heroin addict of about 5 years was just clean for about two month but the last few weeks Iv been back at it.
    Iv always been very interested in the more less used methods of battling addiction.
    Iv been in maintnece programs and AA/NA and inpatient.I never want to be on bupe or methadone again and yea inpatient has helped and when I kinda look past some things I don't agree with in AA/NA I can make it work for a bit but ther a difference in me compared to other people in meetings.what I mean by that is yes I would love to get off heroin and benzos and meth and pretty much every other opiate (you get the jist).
    But I do not want to quit doing ketamine and LSD and other psychedelics / dissociatives that I tend to do every couple months.Twice a month at the most.

    Anyway the reason for this post is I have recently read some thing about how ketamine can really help battle addiction.
    It's something I want to give a shot.
    I am going to list some of the questions I have.

    1) How much ketamine would one use at a time? IV? Snorting?
    2)How often should someone use through out the day?
    3)Is ther a certain type of ketamine that would be preferable for this?

    If someone Cab help me with these questions I would very much appreciate it.
    I have notice thers is a lot of people who comment on other people's posts and really give it to them and seem to get mad at some questions.Please do not reply if you think my question is stupid or of your gonna say something along the lines of "your talking about quitting drugs with drugs".
    I really am interested in the therapudic side of ketamine.
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    Just had it done. A ketamine infusion. You can get up to 500mg over 8 hours in the hospital for pain. I like it. Check with your insurance or doctor about ketamine treatment.

    Edit: I don't want to use opiates but on rare occasions. This works. YMMV.
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    has anybody here actually gotten insurance to pay for ketamine infusions?
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    Great find WSH. If anyone else finds anything interesting specifically addressing substance use disorder (preferably opioid use disorder) and ketamine therapy I'd be very keen to see it. I only seem to find the studies out there on it and depression, as that seems to be what the bulk of the research has focused on.
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    I was just on a K drip in the hospital and the gave me 22.5mg per hr and damn it helped. Pit it this way I was using 3g’s a day and was able to get by comfortably on 12mg dilaudid every 3hrs the K drip @ 22.5mg/hr and 1 G tar heroin for 2 days so yes Ketamine was a miricle for withdrwal
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