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    meth and MSM crystallized together in shards 
    DEA verifies MSM/Meth co-crystallization

    Unusual “Ice” Methamphetamine Exhibits in Stow, Ohio

    (DEA, March 2003) The DEA North Central Laboratory (Chicago, Illinois) recently analyzed two unusual methamphetamine exhibits submitted by the DEA Cleveland Resident Office. The exhibits were obtained in Stow, Ohio via an undercover purchase, and had the appearance of “ICE” (1/4 inch long white crystals). The first had a net mass of 7.0 grams and was packaged in a single, clear zip-lock plastic bag, while the second had a net mass of 3.2 grams and was packaged in 14 small zip-lock plastic bags all contained within a larger zip-lock plastic bag. Analysis by GC, GC/MS, and FT-IR, however, indicated not high purity methamphetamine but rather a mixture of methamphetamine and dimethylsulfone. The first exhibit contained only 34% d-methamphetamine hydrochloride, while the second contained only 25% d-methamphetamine hydrochloride.
    Those bastards....this is not new information, as people have been cutting meth with MSM (dimethylulfone) for years, but this is the first time I've seen an actual analysis of seemingly high purity methamphetamine. Beware, people!

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    What could be the health consequences of smoking MSM?

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    I dont think it's particularily harmful, fortunately.

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    stow is about 20 minutes from me. ive been hearing of people around here cutting speed with msm.

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    What is MSM?
    I'm guessing its not active........

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    MSM is a kosher chemical with a pretty high ld50. Some people claim that it has beneficial health effects orally and market it as a nutritional supplement. As I understand it, MSM resembles the solvent DMSO. check out that might answer some of your questions.

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    I've seen pwople cutting msm into meth for quite a while now. I have even seen people that have been sold crystals of what I thought to be pure MSM. If you melt it down in a pipe it will recrystialize(resolidify) just like crystlal meth. From what I can gather it isn't really harmful. Also, a good way to see if you meth is cut with it:
    -Get a shot glass filled with Clorox
    -Grab a small crystal out of your bag(not too big, don;t want to waste too much)
    -Drop it in the shot glass
    - Whatever part of the crystal is real meth will appear like a whitish oil on the surface of the bleach and will seem to be kinda shooting around a little bit. If there is MSM in there it will drop to the bottom as a clear crystal looking solid mass. This method will also work to show you the relative purity regardless of what it is cut with.

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    I just got some meth recently and it was cut with MSM.

    I have noticed anything different about it. It tasted a tad but more salty then normal and for some reason always make me sneeze.

    I think its a good cut instead of B12 or vitamin C plus MSM helps rebulid the tissue so when you do it via the nose just think you are helping your nose too


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    Well, while there are WORSE cuts I wouldn't call ANY cut 'good'.

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    MSM is a naturally-occurring nutrient, a sulfur compound, found in normal human diets and the diet of all other vertebrates. Sulfur is an element present in all living organisms. It belongs in the same chemical family which includes oxygen
    Arsenic is 'in the same chemical family' as nitrogen. (same column on periodic table)

    Arsenic anyone?

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    That site is kind of shady ill admit but it does lend to the safety of msm in your meth. Its better than real glass at least, so i dont know what the big deal is.

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    -Get a shot glass filled with Clorox
    What exactly is clorox and what is it used for???

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    Clorox is just a brand name for Bleach, it's used for cleaning.

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    More specifically, clorox is sodium hypochlorite. I found this in less than a minute of searching google.


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    ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY............
    chefs don't give two shits about what people are ingesting, they just care about the skrillah.

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    its pretty easy to recrystalize a drug and a cut together, you just need to use a solvent in which both will disolve.

    now, does anybody know a good solvent to use to seperate meth and msm?

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    MSM is highly soluble in acetone while methamphetamine hcl is not -- so an ice cold acetone wash should do the trick nicely.

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