Thread: Novel stimulant Ephylone (N-Ethyl-Pentylone, βk-Ethyl-K, βk-EBDP)

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    Novel stimulant Ephylone (N-Ethyl-Pentylone, βk-Ethyl-K, βk-EBDP) 

    Parent compounds: EBDP and Pentylone.
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    Wasn't Pentylone really weak compared to Pentedrone?
    Though the N-Ethyl is supposed to significantly add to the potency of Buphedrone and Hexedrone at least, so maybe a little steric bulk on the nitrogen can turn this into a decent NDRI ā la MDPV.
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    I read disappointing results about Pentylone too, which is kinda weird though. For the pyrrolidinos (a-PVP/MDPV) the MD makes barely any difference.

    No idea if the N-ethyl is helping.
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    I'm waiting on a small sample from this within days (I hope not weeks), to write this as soon as I have tested it in my lab ....
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    Any update?
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    It must have killed poor acab666.
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    Anyone else tried this compound?
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    Any info on this , this stuff just pop up in my area
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    Quote Originally Posted by stayhealthy970 View Post
    Any info on this , this stuff just pop up in my area
    sweet ty bumpin thread
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    Are there any other threads on this one? I thought there'd be more information and reports by now.

    There's a scalemic version of this available that is really, really good. Normally I hate stims.
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    ^ There is quite an expanse of production side introduction of this but not much direct information on the other side. One can only speculate on such reports here and there without being able to verify that it's the actual substance.
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    Any update on this? I see that it is becoming more available, yet i cannot find a solid report anywhere, not even one shooting it down. I have gathered from some sources that it is supposed to be an ethylone replacement, yet i think the name is the only thing that will be similar I believe that might just be a marketing deal. And as long as it has been available i believe if it were actually similar to ethylone someone would have raved about it by now. So my friend thinks he will wait on ordering this as even dosage info is still hard to find as well. Any updates would be great
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    The alpha-(n)propylaminopentane structure might give it interesting properties. Looks like an MDO-derivative of PPAP, the ethylone homolog of it.

    I remember someone posting here that PPAP itself (phenyl-n-propylaminopentane) was really odd in some way, although they didn't give further details, when combined with a DARI. And since the benzofuran analog of PPAP, BPAP is active in the same unusual way (increased monoamine release upon stimulation but without direct activation of transmitter release, that is to say, increased exocytosis without inducing either transporter blockade or direct releaser activity, so as to cause a phasic rather than tonic amplification of impulse propagation)

    If it fails on its own, might be interesting paired with one of the phenidates, coke, etc.
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    Any news on this? Dosage etc?
    EDIT: ecsta data reports caps around 150mg
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    Got myself some grams on the way, will edit and post TR when I receive (shouldn't take long anymore).
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