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    No I have not even heard of neurotin

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    I was on hydrocodone for several years. Kratom helped me tremendously in coming off of it. I actually haven't had any kratom since last weekend. Just be sure that your getting it though a reputable supplier. I had gotten some from 1 supplier and was sicker than hell for a couple of days from it. Quality means a lot. Also, if your trying to deal with a lot of pain, you may wanna consider a kratom extract. It's a bit more potent after its cooked. Good luck.

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    ibuprofen, clorox, and windex will get you fucked up, it's great

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    I was wondering does anyone have any experience with wild lettuce? Best way to use it, what is it like? Is it woryh it and best source, thanks.

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    Can you use the German chamomile oil and get the same effects as the tea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balbo Shrooms View Post
    ibuprofen, clorox, and windex will get you fucked up, it's great
    I know you're just fucking around, but don't say shit like that on here. Someone could think you're serious and really hurt themselves or even die. Never underestimate how stupid people can be.

    I've used a few legal drugs all of which are active. I did DXM, which did alter my mind but not in a way that I liked. It's similar to ketamine in some ways, but I liked ketamine and didn't care for dxm. Dxm felt more like a much more cloudy version of being drunk and stoned at the same time.

    I also have done morning glory seeds a bunch of times, and I have had great experiences with this substance. Other people who tried it also usually had good experiences. It's a classical psychedelic that is somewhat like acid but much more natural feeling and seems to have elements of the mushroom experience as well. I find mushrooms more euphoric than the seeds, but the seeds tend to have other qualities that I enjoy and can also be extremely euphoric at times. Though, I see the seeds as a true enthenogen rather than merely a "legal high". Though, it's a legally available substance with strong psychoactive effects. So, it's worth mentioning here for sure.

    I've also done benzedrex. It's an amphetamine type chemical of sorts, but it's different than adderall. I enjoyed it a lot, and I found it very euphoric. In terms of intensity, the cotton rod felt about like 30 to 40 milligrams of adderall or so in terms of the energy. But it's more euphoric and less likely to make you focused. The euphoria of the stuff strong, but there is a bit of a crash from it. And some people said the crash was awful or it made them sick. It probably is quite bad for you as well.

    I took nutmeg in psychoactive doses out of a combination of curiosity and boredom. It was a shitty high, and I did not like it at all. And definitely won't do it again as it really sucks.

    I've thought of doing salvia which used to be legal where I live, but I chickened out for lack of a better way to put it when it comes to this stuff. Just too nervous about the whole thing due to the sheer intensity of the stuff. Many people say it's like dmt in terms of intensity but with a much darker vibe. Way, wau more powerful than any of the drugs I have done. It interests me, but at the same time I'm honestly somewhat afraid to actually try it.

    I've never done dmt either, but I would be more likely to try that than salvia. Salvia interests me, but somehow I just can't see myself taking it in the near future. I would probably try dmt though if I came across it.

    Oh and about the short duration of salvia, it doesn't feel anything like the 3 or 4 minutes when you're on it. My friend did it and said it felt like the trip went on for literally 6 months, and he experienced the individual days and nights with the sun rising and setting and everything. And he had no idea that he was even tripping until he came down. It was like he just went into some sort of parallel life where he was himself in his house, yet different events occurred than ever happened in reality. The whole story really intrigued me to say the least, and it sounded like a really incredible experience and made me really want to try it.

    I might have tried it after hearing that story, but my other friend said that she does it but that the experience is 'so terrifying that it's physically painful.' That made me quite scared of the stuff honestly. She has done it more than once though despite this though.
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    I have trouble with anxiety and pain due to severe rheumatoid arthritis as well and I take a lot of prescription controlled substances through my doctor and I would be interested in trying this natural herb to help me sleep as well. Thank you for this post! I will give it a try.

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    I take gabapentin for fibromyalgia and chronic nerve pain due to severe joint damage from having severe rheumatoid arthritis since I was five years old and I do find that it helps. My rheumatologist prescribes the Gabapentin and I am on a moderate to high dose considering I am a smaller person in stature, but I do notice that it takes the edge off the nerve pain. I have also had an above the knee amputation on my left side due to an infection related to the medications I take for my rheumatoid arthritis and I think that it helps some of the tingling and throbbing that I get in my stump over there as well, so I would recommend it. Gabapentin is not nearly as addictive as Lyrica and it seems to really alleviate a lot of peoples nerve pain and some people even find that it helps them sleep, although I do not find that this is the case, as I have a lot of trouble sleeping as it is.

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    Diphenhydramine AKA Benadryl, ZZZquil, Nyquil etc (be careful certain brands like Nyquil may contain acetaminophen best to get generic Diphenhydramine)

    Kratom/Kava in most states of the U.S.

    Cigarettes, Alcohol and Caffeine

    That's about all that comes to my mind right now at least.

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